Struggle is what gives meaning #Outreachy #Week-3

Struggle is what gives meaning #Outreachy #Week-3

Hi all,

There has been a lot going on since the internship started. All the 3 of us were assigned a few starter tasks so that we get a gist of how we were supposed to contribute during the internship period.

I was assigned a task to add theme support for the existing ZubHub website. I thought how hard could it be? So I started working on it, only to realize I am kinda clueless about the situation and I was also skeptical to ask someone for help. So I tried for a day or two and then decided to connect with my fellow intern. He had some idea and that is how I actually started to progress in the task.

That feature had a lot of file changes in the front end and a new API in the backend. Even though I completed all of that with some review comments, I was not able to figure out how to change the text color in MUI as per the new theme. Finally, I reached out to my mentor for help and he pointed me to a resource.

The point in the whole story is that people may think applicants who got selected as interns are really skilled and would start contributing from Day 1. It's not true at all. All of us struggle and it's especially hard to set up the initial context. This is where the beauty of open source lies, almost anyone would be open to help you provided you put in effort and ask specific questions. Due diligence from oneself is required but after that, you're not judged upon how skilled you are, how many years of experience you have or any other xyz factors.

And this part of overcoming the unknown and getting the job done is what gives developers the ultimate satisfaction.