My Introduction #Outreachy #Week-1

My Introduction #Outreachy #Week-1

My name is Hemant Kumar Singh and I use SHER as my pseudo-name on the internet mainly because I feel my name is too long and SHER is easier to remember. I am a recent Computer Science Grad, Batch of '22.

My core values are Compassion, Leadership and Meaningful work.

All of us are not born equal on Earth and I feel the privileged one must be compassionate towards the underprivileged. Only then society will be more egalitarian at least in terms of basic necessities.

I value leadership a lot and I am a true believer of the quote: I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep; I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion.

As we know, a life without purpose feels void from the inside and Meaningful work is what gives Life a purpose. Hence, Meaningful Work is also one of my core values.

I was looking for opportunities in Opensource to get my CV strong as a Developer and stumbled upon Outreachy. Fell in love with the idea of diversity in tech and immediately applied. Not to mention, I couldn't clear the initial review round 2 times. Until I talked to one of the Alums and he mentioned that you need to elaborate and complete the application with details, not just a generic one, thereafter I was able to pass the initial round and here I am today!